Why Rehla

Why Rehla is the best choice for you?


Rehla offers you something Unique, Effective, Halal, Natural and Ihram-Permissible in its range of products, designed and formulated to provide a better option in rejuvenating and revitalising your complexion and your body. Rehla is certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia.

100% Safe

We have and will continuously invest extensively into research and development of our products, to ensure our products meet your standards. We believe that the only products worthy of the Rehla marque are those which can be used confidently and safely use by people with all skin types and in all situations.


Rehla’s skincare and body-care series uses the power of nature to give you beautiful, healthy skin from top to toe.

Ihram Friendly

Suitable In Ihram, Halal, Free From Parabens, SLS Or Animal By-Products. This is the promise we make for all of our offerings in Rehla. It’s the perfect product for everyone!

Rehla Kit Is Ideal For Travel And Self-Care

Rehla is suitable for anyone and everyone, especially for Umrah and Hajj. It is formulated using the key ingredient found in Pineapples. This breakthrough is thanks to the fruit’s abundance of Bromelain.

This enzyme has been known to be a potent and natural anti-inflammatory agent as is also beneficial for repairing, rejuvenating and maintaining skin’s health. This enzyme is at the core of Rehla’s skincare series, which is also formulated so it doesn’t interfere with water penetration during ablution.

As we know that confidence is your utmost priority we came out with with a range of products that are suitable for both Muslims and non-Muslims, and even Vegans! Rehla is 100% natural and plant-based, and are free from animal by-products.

And yes, Rehla’s skincare series is certified Halal by JAKIM, 100% dermatologically safe by KKM and NPRA by containing ZERO fragrances, Parabens, SLS, SLe and Sulfates. 





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