The Journey

Introducing Rehla

Rehla's products are Halal certified by Jakim


The Perfect Travel And Self-Care Companion For All Skin Types!

Today, many of us are looking for a safe-proven skincare product as an alternative to the mainstream products and with this kind of consciousness people prefers products that are made of natural ingredients, fragrance and alcohol-free, Halal-Certified and Syariah Compliant.

Now this is where it gets tricky. Not all products tick off these criteria, especially when people are going for Umrah and Hajj or even travelling. You’ll want to use products that meet the highest standards as you want to be in the state of “peace of mind”.

Therefore, we’re here to soothe your worries. Borne from our extensive research, testing and perfecting, we have created a solution which is plant-based, free from harsh chemicals and adheres to the “Halalan Toyyiban” concept.

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